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Vince Wyler
United States
Balding, pot-bellied, middle-aged hack writer and cartoonist with bad manners and archaic tastes.
Yes, I do commissions. :)

I do have a few ground rules to lay down to make things smoother (I hope) on both ends.

1) No nudity.  Keep it PG-13, if you please.

2) No sexual acts.  I realize there is a sexual factor to all cheescake art, but I don't consider DID to be pornography unless it's made into it.  I'd rather not cross that line.  We can be provocative in the same way the old cartoons and comics were.

3) No violence, or cruelty. Violence against women is an ugly thing.  There's enough of it in the real world as it is.  So, no torture, whipping beating, etc.  

4) Should go without saying, but... no-absolutely NO-under age minors!  Period.

I don't do 'realism' or real people, and I'm not good at manga or anime' type characters.  I also try to avoid really extensive projects, unless it's for someone I know pretty well.

Pricing varies with the complexity of the commission.  A basic pic with one or two characters and a very simple background (like Boris & Natasha in my gallery) starts at $25 dollars.  Add ten bucks for more complex backgrounds.  Add five bucks for each additional character.  Anything else is negotiable at this point.

If you're interested in a commission, send me a note here at DA with design specifics and your email address.  I'll send a sketch via email for your approval.  I'll make up to three changes, so be specific.  If you change your mind about the commission, this is the time to speak up.

Once the design is finalized, I'll send an invoice from Paypal to your email address.  Payment must be made in full at this time.  The final piece can be sent to the buyer via email, or downloaded from my gallery if the buyer prefers.  No refunds once the final material is sent.  

Unless otherwise requested by the buyer, and at my discretion all commissions will be uploaded into my gallery, along with a caption giving credit for the commission to the buyer.

I hope that all sounds reasonable.

And thanks.  :)

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MDetector5 Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your stuff looks pretty good. It's very... interesting :)

Um, I was wondering if you took art trades or not, as it would be nice to have one with you.
Thanks. :)

I don't normally do art trades, however. I have so little time. I'm sorry. :(
Very great pics. i like your style. :-)
Thanks a lot. :)

wow just wow !!


i have 2 follow your sicK artworks <3

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